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Micki XO is always pushing herself to be their best, whether it’s onstage or in the recording studio. See what industry insiders are saying about this popular Music Artist and her impact on the music industry.

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Review for "Fake Gold" by SongWeb

It's always nice when someone writes kind words about something you've worked hard on, and SongWeb has done just that for Micki XO's single "Fake Gold". These kind words include: “Micki XO is an exceptionally brilliant musician who understands how to tell a narrative through her lyrics, which are profound, honest, and very relevant.”; “Micki XO’s remarkable vocal abilities give the song a distinct vibe and communicate the song’s message in a pleasant style that allows her emotional side to shine through with such sensitive tones that heighten warmth and vastly improve the atmosphere.”; and “I had such a beautiful and peaceful time listening to the song, which actively involves us in the music and gets progressively intriguing as you follow the affectionately penned lyrics.”

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Artisti Online

Micki XO has made it all the way to Italy with her single "Fake Gold"! Artisti Online wrote a wonderful review for her, with beautiful words, such as: “This touching song lets us know that we are not alone and that by getting help, it is possible to go back to living our life as we remembered it.” and “Micki XO's Fake Gold expresses itself in terms of absolute simplicity and sincerity on this dramatically real and sadly widespread problem that is mental illness.” (Quotations have been translated to English.)

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Saiid Zeidan

Saiid Zeidan wrote a very personal and heartfelt review about "Fake Gold", including these beautiful quotations: “I would say vocally, Micki XO is one of the best singers out there.”; “What I love so much about this song is how raw and real it is, Micki did not try to hide and spoke very well about her journey.”; and “Through her voice, she sets the tone and conveys the emotional message she’s delivering, and perfectly compliments the type of music this song demands.”

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Review for "Fake Gold" by IGGY Magazine

Oh la la! Micki XO is taking over France with this stunning review by French Magazine, IGGY Magazine. They had great things to say about "Fake Gold", including: “There are retro touches here and there that blend beautifully with otherwise more prominent contemporary touches.”; “Dark and moving harmonies create a euphoric environment that will quickly immerse you in happiness.”; and “The intense musicality goes well with the minimal but meaningful lyrics.” (Quotations have been translated to English.)

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Sistra

Sistra is back with more beautiful things to say about Micki XO! This time, it's for her single "Fake Gold". With words like “Micki’s soulful voice backed by pulsing plucked and atmospheric synth gives a comforting feeling while assisting the listener to address the issue,” it's easy to see that they are big fans of this track!

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Review for "Fake Gold" by The Other Side Reviews

The Other Side Reviews is back at it again to write this thorough and well-written review that has nothing but extremely flattering and wonderful things to say about "Fake Gold". It's absolutely humbling to hear things such as: "...singer-songwriter Micki XO is turning not only our heads but the heads of critics across the globe.”; “The melody is arranged in such a way that you feel fragility, but also experience a sense of empowerment.”; and “It sends you twirling about in a kaleidoscopic sonic swirl but is also an anchor in the delicate soundscape.”

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Interview with Musicarenagh

In this interview with Musicarenagh, Micki XO discusses how her stage name came to be, her inspirations behind "Fake Gold" and her overall music, how music played a role in her early years of life, family and how they have influenced her, what inspired her to get into music, the first concert she ever went to, her creative process, the evolution of her musical style, and her interests outside of music.

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Minimalistic Music

With words like “The bridge is excellent and capturing” and “I love the piece overall, and it’s a great message”, it's safe to say that Minimalistic Music is both impressed and excited about "Fake Gold"!

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Sinusoidal Music

Sinusoidal Music is raving about Micki XO's "Fake Gold" with extremely flattering quotations, such as: “While listening to the song make sure you pay attention to the little things, the slight touches of perfection here and there, the nuances. These are the elements that make this track supreme.”; “While listening to her songs, you will come across a lot of motifs and meaningful lyrics that add to the whole listening experience even more.”; and, “Somber and soulful harmonies make a euphoric environment and allow you to surrender to its bliss in no time.”

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Space Sour

Micki XO was honored to make it into Space Sour's "Discoveries of the Week" listicle, and was very flattered to hear they loved "Fake Gold" with the lovely description of it being “ chill vibes, perfect for the afternoon or at the end of the day to calm the nerves and relax with Micki’s dreamy vocals in the background.”

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Tape Ranger

This short, but sweet review has only wonderful things to say about "Fake Gold", including that it “ a beautifully crafted new tune that features powerful vocal work over a well-produced and unique instrumental.”

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Review for "Fake Gold" by The Music Asylum

The Music Asylum may is aptly named for this review, because they were crazy about "Fake Gold"! Check out what they had to say. about it, including these quotations: "“Micki XO’s track “Fake Gold” is an absolute dream, filled with emotion, amazing vocals, a good beat and great lyricism.”; “This song is so important and holds such meaning.”; and "“Micki XO’s music needs to be heard, and anyone of any age will thoroughly enjoy her music.” - just to name some of them!

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Review for "Fake Gold" by KIMU Music Blog

With some beautiful writing, KIMU Music Blog had only good things to say about Micki XO's single "Fake Gold". Among those words were these quotations: “ of Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift would be able to connect with Micki XO, although it is clear that the rising artist is creating a universe of her own.” and “The opus expands into an expansive and ethereal pop energy, with a luscious textured riser as Micki XO delivers the introspective and metaphorical lyrics”

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Rising Artists Music Blog

Micki XO is honored to be among the rising artists that grace the Rising Artists Blog! They had nothing but good things to say about "Fake Gold", and some quotations include: “It’s perfect for whatever mood you happen to be in–whether you’re looking for something uncomplicated and easy-listening, or you’re trying to get a little deep, “Fake Gold” can set the mood”; “If you’re drawn to pop music but want something with a lot of substance, you couldn’t go wrong with anything by Micki XO”; and “‘Fake Gold’ has the energy of a carefree electro tune but with the deep themes indicative of an excellent lyricist.”

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Review for "Fake Gold" by Less Than 1,000 Followers

The first of many reviews for "Fake Gold" was nothing short of amazing! Audio Mirage Studios wrote a rave review for Micki XO's new single, and they did not disappoint. With quotes like “'Fake Gold' is a soothing, yet powerful song intended to make you feel seen and heard" and " will invoke the feeling of being held in a warm hug of understanding for you, just as it has done for me", her new single is off to a great start!

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Interview with Sistra

Micki XO sat down with Norhan El Sebale of Sistra's music blog to discuss what she did before pursuing music and how it shaped her, how and what obstacles have shaped both her and her music, how she got started in music, "Light Me Up" and how it differs from her previous releases, her creative process, and what's next in her career.

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Review for "Light Me Up" by Sistra

It's official to say that Sistra LOVES "Light Me Up"! Among other quotes, Norhan El Sebale writes very flattering things, including: “The best part though is how the music has an upbeat nature, a sick house beat, and a catchy melody, all brought to life by Micki’s sexy, low, and subtle vocals making it the perfect song to dance to.” and “I truly admire the artist behind it for having so much courage and passion to help others, and how she decided to overcome all that negativity and pulled herself out of it while creating something beautiful.”

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Interview & Review by Pop Hits News

Micki XO had the pleasure of sitting down with Pop Hits News for a 30 minute interview to chat about life, music, her home town, and what the next steps are for her and her career. In addition to this, Pop Hits wrote a stellar review for her single "Light Me Up" with quotes like "There is something for every music lover in this superb piece of music" and "Micki’s voice sounds like an angel from heaven singing directly into your ear; it’s ethereal and beautiful without being overproduced or processed..."

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Interview with York Calling

Mick XO's interview with Jane Hawkins at York Calling, a notorious British music blog. Click the link above to read through the written interview, as Micki answers questions about her music, what makes her shows unique, her life in Portland, OR, and more!

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Review for "Light Me Up" by Plastic Magazine

This established UK publication writes about Micki XO's single "Light Me Up", with high praise, including quotes like this one: "On this beat-driven house pop cut, her emotive vocal delivery lays down an empowering sound that highlights the darkness she’s been through and the regret she’s felt.” and "Capturing the emotions that build up to the escapism, intertwined with hazy and chaotic scenes as the night unfolds…Micki XO shares a powerful song full of energy and an important message.” Click the link above to read the full review!

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Review for "Light Me Up" by The Other Side Reviews

The Other Side Reviews gave high praise to Micki XO for her single "Light Me Up", with quotes like the following: "The connection she offers through her music has become a characteristic of her sound as she considers important topics that hit at our darkest times.”; "Her low vocal tones are like the distant shine of neon lights on a dark night beckoning you closer.”;  and "As the single progresses, there is a heavier house dance movement to the music that takes the spiral of darkness to another level while offering the light at the end of the tunnel.” Just to list a few! Click the link above to read the full review!

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Review for "Light Me Up" by Info Music

Micki XO is invading Europe with her single "Light Me Up"! This french publication had many good things to say, including quote like: “[“Light Me Up”] will give you a lot of optimism and a crazy desire to ignite the dance floor.” and "A sound that has the power to make you addicted…” (Translated from French)

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Review for "Light Me Up" by Senocular Media

Sonocular Media gave stellar reviews for Micki XO's single "Light Me Up". The article describes the track in many ways, including this quote: “‘Light Me Up’ is the perfect addition to your late night dance mix.” Click on the review to read more!

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Review for "Light Me Up" by Roadie Music

Micki XO has taken things to the international level! This popular Brazilian blog had nothing but good things to say about the pop singer. Some quotes from the article are: "...full of originality and performed with a competence of the highest standard as only a performer of such great level as Micki XO could have.” and "Micki XO’s voice is melodic, intense and hypnotic at the same time, making each of 'Light Me Up'’s movements leaving us tied to the sound that takes us so powerfully and full of an inexplicable vibration.” Click the link above to read the full review!

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Review for "Light Me Up" by YMX

YMX gave a GLOWING review for Micki XO's song "Light Me Up", including quotes like: “Possessing a stylistic signature that carries traces of a young and fearless Madonna, ‘Light Me Up’ is as intoxicating as the addiction about which she’s singing.” and “She has taken a topic that is typically drenched in depression and turned it into a magnetic billboard-worthy pop hit.” Among many other glowing quotes! Click the link above to check them out!

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Review for "Light Me Up" by It's All Indie

Come find out what all the hype is about for Micki's song "Light Me Up"! With quotes like “The instrumentals on this are so damn delectable, the bass is thick and works it way right into your ears, her vocals are silky smooth and the drumbeats help send you into a trance”, you can see why they also say “‘Light Me Up’ is one of those Dark-Pop tracks that you'd love to play with the lights down low, getting groovy or even on a late-night drive blasting up the autobahn." Click the link above to read the full review!

Interview with The Tully Dio Show

Ever wanted to get to know Micki XO more as a person? If so, you should check out her interview with The Tully Dio Show, where she discusses her (at the time) upcoming single "Light Me Up", as well as things inspirations behind "Why Did I Stay?" and "Silence". She also chats with them about mental illness and what it's like to live with her mental disorder. Click the link above or the play button on the video to watch/listen to the interview!

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Review for "Moonlight" by Static Dive

Come take a dive into this review for "Moonlight" and see why it's become a hit single! The Static Dive does a great job of reviewing the single, describing it as “...a subdued love letter to the singer’s own mind.” They also say that “...the singer delivers a soft and soulful dedication to a hard fought happiness found after years of searching.” Click the link above to read the article and see more of the glowing review!

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Review for "Moonlight" by We Write About Music

Micki XO's first review couldn't have been more glowing! We Write About Music includes quotes like “From start to finish, “Moonlight” has turned into a perfectly executed song from an emerging artist.” They describe it as a track that “...completely wowed us with her atmospheric single, “Moonlight.” and saying that “ soon as it finished, we instantly wished that there was more to come.” Click the link above to read the full review!

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